About Me

Hello, and welcome! I’m Catherine —a mother, an accountant, and a passionate home educator. With a keen eye for details from my accounting background and an unwavering commitment as a mother and educator, I’ve embarked on a journey to combine my skills and passions to serve a broader community.

I love using excel, writing macros and creating beautiful things, I would love to be an artist but while I love art, I have little to no skills when it comes to creating things by hand.  Creating lovely fun word searches fills my need for creativity and I really get a kick out of knowing that people use them at home and in schools.

My Family:

My two wonderful children have been my inspiration in every step of my life’s journey. They’ve not only been my pride and joy but also my teachers in countless ways. Navigating the world of home education with them has been a transformative experience, rich with challenges, discoveries, and immense rewards.

Why MonsterWordSearch.com?:

In the process of educating my children, I recognized a need—a fun, engaging tool that stimulates the brain, offers a break from the routine, and is accessible to everyone. And thus, MonsterWordSearch.com was born.

MonsterWordSearch.com is more than just another website; it’s a labor of love and a reflection of my commitment to education. Whether you’re a school-going child looking for a fun challenge, a homeschooling parent in search of educational tools, or an adult with a love for puzzles, MonsterWordSearch.com has something for you.

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of my puzzles as I do creating them.


Let’s Connect:

I’d love to hear your stories, feedback, or simply chat about our shared love for puzzles and education. Feel free to contact me or join our community on Facebook

Thank you for stopping by please share your stories, and happy puzzling!